About us

Certus means precision, professionalism and timely performance, which have gained us the complete trust of our clients. Our aim is to create unique interiors, which combine visual appeal with functionality and custom-made designs, taking into account the preferences of their future users.

Since 2001, we have been gaining invaluable experience in the repair and finish sector under the Certus brand, operating in the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, and Germany. As a consequence, we have learnt the technologies applied in each of those countries.

Our work is performed with best quality materials, always selected according to the needs of our clients and based on our extensive experience.

We specialise in comprehensive internal finishes, interior décor, and detailed design. Our work includes:

  • fitting suspended ceilings made of standard and custom-made plasterboard,
  • constructing partition walls made of plasterboard,
  • installing doors and windows,
  • producing the finishing coat,
  • painting and papering walls and ceilings,
  • laying tiles and stone,
  • installing sanitary equipment,
  • laying wooden floors, panels and fitted carpets.

Thanks to our cooperation with architects, we always fulfil an order according to a design, which accelerates and facilitates our work significantly.

If you have any questions or need consultation, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.