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  • It took me a long time to find and select a repair team. As I had heard my friends complaining about ‘experts’, I was concerned that I would encounter some botchers, while what I needed was a fast and concrete repair. Finally, after a few meetings with different teams, I took a prompt decision to contract the guys from CERTUS :). I knew from the first meeting that they were professionals, both in spirit and body :). After we had agreed on the scope of work and the cost estimate, the men started work. I have to admit that at first I had no faith in them…, we were a little late in starting the repair and I had a deadline for moving out of my previous flat. But the repair looked better and better every day. Their work progressed fast and they offered me advice on many things. I am most grateful to them for that!!! They are creative and full of ideas which they kept sharing with me. If you do not know anything, just ask JACEK OR KAMIL, they will surely find a solution and an interesting idea :). The repair with them was not a traumatic experience but rather a pleasure :). I could have such repairs done every day! Thanks guys :). I am more than happy with the final result and I can honestly recommend Jacek and Kamil.

    Aneta, Trzy Żagle development
  • The company finished two flats for me according to my interior design.

    A high quality of services and timely performance with no reservations.
    They show a creative approach to non-standard construction solutions. They can meet the expectations of even the most demanding investor.

    Pozdrawiam i polecam
    Magdalena Brzezińska
  • The repair of my flat has finished today. It started in November and continued to this day. At first, I contracted a firm, let’s call them X. Unfortunately, at the end of their work some cracks were visible on the walls, while many things were done too quickly and the finish of numerous elements was disastrous. I thanked X team and, with my heart in my mouth, I started to look for someone who would repair it all and restore it to its proper condition.

    The priority was to fix the ceiling in the dining room, because it looked like the aftermath of a fragmentation bomb explosion. The walls also needed some work, as there were visible uneven seams at the connections of plasterboard. On top of such major defects, it was necessary to improve the connections between doorframes and plasterboard (the previous finish was DISASTROUS) and to fix sockets in the dining room and the kitchen. Moreover, the connections between floors and doorframes needed improvement and there were numerous other things that were unacceptable (cracking, unevenness, etc.).

    I called my friend Kisiel (thanks!), who gave me the number to Jacek. The following day Jacek came with Kamil to evaluate the scope of work. It turned out worse than I had expected. The whole ceiling as well as one of the walls in the dining room needed to be redone. We agreed on the conditions and they started work. I gave them some money for necessary materials, without a receipt, and in two hours’ time Jacek and Kamil came back with everything. I was surprised because there was a lot of change (the guys found a cheap source).

    Jacek and Kamil had plenty of work to do. Nobody expected that the previous team had failed to prime the ceiling, bits of which fell off when touched with a spatula. It was necessary to tear down everything including the wall. I do not even want to know how much work it cost Jacek and Kamil to improve the finish of the previous contractors. They did everything I chose as promised, accurately and making it visually attractive. In addition, they found numerous extra things that they had to fix as well, giving me some surprises every day, such as modifying the ventilators, adjusting the shower, and numerous other small items. I do not know how to thank them other than to heartily recommend their services. From the day they started work for me, I was no longer under stress from the repair. I did not have to control anything and everything progressed in next to no time.

    Therefore, I recommend Jacek and Kamil from CERTUS to everyone.

    Piotr Połoczański
    tel. 502 765 294
  • I am very happy with the repair services of this firm. They are honest and reliable experts. They get on very well with each other and they can assist in selecting materials or technical solutions for the work to be performed. All the work was finished on time. I will definitely recommend them.

    tel. (058) 555 77 77